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TechBubble Technologies Social Media Applications and Pages

Social Media Pages & Apps

Social Media plays a major role in modern day businesses, not only does it help businesses to form a community around their products and services, but also helps by generating traffic to their websites, and even generating sales directly from the platforms.

Social Media Applications are apps that are built using API's, (Application Programming Interfaces), provided by the top social media platforms. These applications allow you to harness the power of social media.

You can choose from a range of ready built, customizable Social Media Applications from the Facebook Apps/Tab Apps section on our store, and applications for other social platforms will be available soon. You can have custom apps built based on the foundations of our ready built apps, or you can have fully custom Social Media Apps created from scratch to match your exact requirements.

Social Media Products

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FacebookAdvancer Blog Package
FacebookAdvancer OnlineStore Package
TechBubble Technologies GUI



ARC - The TechBubble GUI

ARC is the the TechBubble Technologies GUI, the central control panel that allows businesses to manage their TechBubble Technologies products and services.

ARC is assisted by TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant, an Artificially Intelligent Agent who has access to manage certain features of the GUI and systems. TOA acts as an artificial team member, able to assist her team with carrying out their day to day tasks.