Mobile & Desktop Applications Development


IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Smart Homes Semi Finalists 2016
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
Intel / Microsoft / IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon Intel Experts Award Winners
TechBubble Technologies Desktop & Mobile Application Development



Mobile & Desktop Application Development

Mobile & desktop applications are apps that are built specifically for mobile devices, tablets, PCs and Macs. Applications are available for Android, Windows and iOS.

TechBubble Technologies provide off the shelf & custom mobile & desktop applications, that are managed via ARC, or we can build you a custom GUI with your own business branding.

Mobile & Desktop Development Products

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TechBubble Technologies GUI



ARC - The TechBubble GUI

ARC is the the TechBubble Technologies GUI, the central control panel that allows businesses to manage their TechBubble Technologies products and services.

ARC is assisted by TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant, an Artificially Intelligent Agent who has access to manage certain features of the GUI and systems. TOA acts as an artificial team member, able to assist her team with carrying out their day to day tasks.